our story


Necessity is the mother of invention and that became very true for me. A few days before Christmas my wife had lost her dad to Covid and we had to travel across the country with our 4 children to attend his service, and it was not easy! Traveling during that time of year with the airline mask guidelines during the pandemic made it horrific traveling with 2 children under the age of 3. A month later we had encountered more devastation when our 9 year old son Jacob passed away unexpectedly. We had just moved across the country about 5 months prior and all of our family were in New Mexico. To go back home a 2nd time in 30 days would have been very challenging financially, emotionally and also traveling. I decided that it would be best for us to have his services virtually and eliminate all those hurdles. This also allowed so many more family and friends to be a part of the service and it saved a lot of them tons of money that they would have otherwise used on traveling to go to the service. It was a success and I realized that there had to be plenty of other people like me that could benefit from this service and so Divine Online Services was created.