Celebrating Lives & comforting Grieving Hearts

  • Virtual memorial services

  • Personalized planning

  • High level event coordination

  • Pastor led services (if needed)

We replicate the in person experience and take it online  
  • Stunning slideshows

  • Custom memorial website

  • Video tributes

  • We've mastered the technology part so you don't have to

did you know ON average a person spends around $1,000 on attending an out of town funeral?
  • Having an online service will save your friends and family thousands of dollars 

  • Help protect loved ones from being exposed to large crowds

  • Allows for family and friends to join from all over the world


Traditional Funeral

  • Have to wear mask

  • Hard to breathe

  • Limited attendees

  • Have to be 6 feet apart

  • Out of town family and friends have to experience stricter travel restrictions

  • Thousands of dollars spent by out of town family and friends

  • Risk of getting sick

  • Can have limits on customization

our online services

  • No masks and breathe easy

  • Unlimited amount of attendees

  • Allows family and friends across the globe to be apart of the service

  • Save your family and friends time by not needing to take off of work 

  • Save family and friends thousands of dollars on travel

  • Peace of mind knowing everyone is not a risk of getting sick

  • Lower overall cost than traditional funeral



adapt and provide a solution




We understand that with the pandemic like most businesses a lot of things shifted online and the way we do things as a society has to. We are here to help create the lasting memory that you and your loved ones can cherish forever. If you are looking for an alternative to the traditional in person funeral or wanting to add more options to your current arrangements then we can provide the best solution for you. Share your loved ones memorial service with more people with the power of our live online services. From start to finish we help you plan a memorial service that will be professional and memorable.  

WE've gone through what you're going through and we're here to help

“The thought of planning this process seemed dreadful but Divine Online Services took over all the details and planning and made it super easy.”


-Ashley G.

“The product was so good and everyone that attended was very impressed!”


-Joshua N.

“My Family from all different parts of the country got to attend and we saved them so much money on travel.”


                                                   -Sierra C.

Family with Tablet
Family Video Call

Our founder knows first hand how difficult it is to celebrate a loved ones life during these ever changing times. That's why he took it upon himself to deliver a service that helps address the need for cost effective, remote gatherings.